Some things we focus on:


Embracing creativity and individuality.


Creating unique, loud and artistic apparel made for those who dare to embrace their inner artist.  

Creamy is founded on a few basic principles: conscious consumption, creative expression, and a commitment to individuality. We approach our business and designs through these lenses, striving to create fashion apparel that is unique in every sense. 


Growing up, my brother and I always hated the idea that we could wear something and run into someone who might be wearing the same clothing. Thus, we began shopping second hand; which dually encompassed our desires to become more conscious consumers, and to buy clothing that lessened the chances of someone else wearing it. Through this, we began consuming clothing at a slower pace and developed our own personal senses of style, instead of riding trends. 


This is the same process we took to developing Creamy. Currently, we upcycle clothing purchased from secondhand stores. Our mission is to close the cycle of endless mass consumption. We search for quality clothing and redesign it into long-lasting collection pieces. By redesigning pre-existing clothing into fresh new looks, we support the concept of slow fashion and a dedication to thoughtful, quality-centered products. After selecting the secondhand clothes, we alter them in-house and add our own design elements that fit within the Creamy brand image. These in-house alterations include cut and sew, embroidery, screen printing, and hand-painted designs. We challenge ourselves to look at these pre-existing clothes and think of new ways to make them desirable again. Through the lens of conscious consumption, we hope to be a leading force in bringing sustainable design into the streetwear industry. 

- SJ

Golf Clip


If something you buy doesn’t fit as expected, return the clothing and we will replace it with a new piece of the same type.

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