Turn up the music, dance, and get Creamy. 

Welcome to the Creamy Tapes: a curated selection of playlists designed for those who love to explore music. Creamy Tapes will be dropped right here and on Creamy Spotify. These tapes had been released between seasons in volumes featuring six tapes per volume, but will now be realeased as one tape along with each season. 

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About Creamy Tapes

We treat everything like art here at Creamy. Each playlist is carefully crafted with a special purpose with real emotion behind it. The relation between songs and their order throughout the playlist is deliberate. 


Whether you're making art, pulling an all-nighter, throwing a party, having a smoke session, riding in the car, at the grocery store, etc... Creamy is sure to provide you with the tunes you need to get through the day.

Submit your playlists

Think you have Creamy music taste? Message us the URI and we'll give it a feature in our upcoming volume of fan playlists. 

Show us what's slappin' in your speakers. 

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grover music stickers-3.png


If something you buy doesn’t fit as expected, return the clothing and we will replace it with a new piece of the same type.

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